Help Keep Roncesvalles Beautiful!

Beautification Project Needed For Indian Road and High Park Boulevard Intersection.

Roncesvalles Needs Your Help.

This summer, The City is “improving” the intersection at Indian Road and High Park Blvd in order to increase pedestrian safety. Part of the plan is to create bump-outs (also known as curb extensions or pedestrian peninsulas) at this intersection. Although the project includes sod within each bump-out, no water supply is currently provided in the plans. Without a water source, any sort of garden or green space will be impossible and these bump-outs will likely become eyesores of dying grass.

But with your help, we can prevent this from happening.

We are looking for two things:

  1. Community members who would like to rally around the idea that a water source is needed to keep the space alive.
  2. People or businesses interested in taking initiative for beautification of the space (i.e. designing and installing a garden or other green space)

If you are interested in helping us with this project please contact us at You can also sign our petition using the button below.

planted bump out
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