Elva Alushi



Intuitively understands the emotional landscape of her clients. The most cool headed uncompromising excellence junkie you’ll meet. 


Antiquing, Italian Opera, cooking and hosting, classic historic architecture and thoughtful design. Ideally, the cooking and hosting would be done  in classic architecture with thoughtful design, antiques and Verdi playing in the background. 


West End is the best end! Everything you could possibly need is always just steps away - parks, farmer’s markets, antique shops, the best restaurants and cafes, and most importantly, the most tightly-knit community.


The click of seasons shifting, the way a log burns, the ceaseless procession of waves, leaves dancing in the wind, impermanence, and all the tiny pockets of silent moments. 


Waking up after a long luxurious sleep-in to the sounds of birds chirping in a tent under a tree canopy. The coffee and bacon already cooking over a crackling fire waft delicious aromas my way. The only thing on the ‘To Do’ list is to relax watching the branches sway. 


A very needy and exceedingly fluffy kitty who demands belly kisses. Sometimes (very rarely) the scent of something buttery coming from the kitchen that wasn’t cooked by her. Often (very often) a burning design idea that must be jotted down immediately. 


“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.”  – Charles Eames 


 Elva has made the concept of ‘home’, both in an abstract and practical sense, her own personal life-long multi-disciplinary case study. 

Having lived in 4 countries throughout her life, she learned about finding home on a macro scale. She grew up around architects and artists in Albania, and spent all her time with a pencil to paper, sketching still life or making floor plans, before moving to Canada at age 11. Getting her B.I.D. from the Ryerson School of Interior Design was the obvious choice and she also wasted no time starting her own small interior design company. Networking and promoting her business led her to travel to South Africa where she eventually moved and tackled the interior of a custom yacht project. Bermuda was next and with it came new exciting ventures in historic architecture revival projects and even furniture design and build. 

While dreaming and building homes for herself and for her clients in various ways, Elva always thought of Toronto as her home and felt it was time to come back. Design took a back seat as Elva set her sights on an aspect of ‘home’ that had always fascinated her - hosting culture - which led her on a journey through hospitality in the bustling Toronto restaurant scene in study of hosting. 

The study of ‘home’ finally made sense when the idea of Real Estate came into the picture. Her life-long passion for design has sharpened her vision such that upon seeing a space she can imagine an array of opportunities that others would easily overlook. Her time in hospitality was about communication, connection, and forming lasting relationships. Elva took her arsenal of unique skills and passion for giving people their dream home in the fullest sense and became a hybrid designer realtor. Delivering a seamless client experience with tailored approaches that best take care of her client’s interests is the mission for Elva and it was only a matter of time before she joined Trust Realty Group who has always maintained this same ethos on uncompromising quality of care. 

For as long as Elva has been in Toronto, the West End has been home. The Junction Triangle with its charming buildings, community gatherings in farmer’s markets, restaurant and cafe culture, and lively art scene, has her heart and if you want to see what she sees give her a call and have her show you one of Toronto’s most charming neighbourhoods and all it has to offer.