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Neighbourhoods We Like:

Roncesvalles Village
Why we like it: Many single family homes converted to multi-unit, proximity to city core, highly desirable for young families (schools)

Why we like it: Grande, stately properties on large lots, King & Queen W amenities, TTC access

Mimico/New Toronto
Why we like it: Suppressed prices compared to city core, proximity to lake, Transportation (TTC & GO), strong demand for rental units

Junction/High Park North/Wallace Emerson
Why we like it: Bloor & Dundas W amenities, Parks, TTC access, Gentrifying areas

Brockton Village/Dufferin Grove/Little Portugal
Why we like it:  Shopping & Restaurants, TTC access, Price points better for 1st time investors


Looking to profit from the booming Toronto real estate market? Landlords come in different shapes and sizes – maybe you want to rent out a basement suite to help with the mortgage, go in with a group of other investors or slowly build your real estate empire on your own. We have you covered from multi-unit residential to commercial – we can even help with leases.

Advantages of becoming a landlord:

  • Steady income from rent collected each month with money in your pocket
  • Capital gains from the increase in property value over time

Let tenants pay down your mortgage, increasing the equity in your properties

Type of Investment Properties:

Multi-Unit Residential

Typically 2-6 units per property. Great for 1st time investors or those looking to make the leap from condominium investments.

Mixed-Use Property

Commercial & Residential components in the same property.  Provides benefits of both commercial & residential leasing.  Typically found in high traffic areas near transportation.


Can be less risky than residential with the right tenant. Tenants tend to stay longer and leases are renegotiated at end of term.


Typically greater than 6 units per property.  Usually requires the use of a property manager due to volume of tenants and maintenance requirements.

Investment Condominium

Turnkey investment that requires little to no maintenance.  Great for 1st time landlords or those who want a hassle-free investment!

Home Flipping

This can be risky, and if you are armed with the right expertise, it can pay off! Buying a fixer upper and renovating it for profit can be hugely rewarding.

Getting Started:

Get Your Financing in Order

Speak to your mortgage provider regarding a pre-approval. This is essential to move quickly on a purchase in a hot market. If you don’t currently have a relationship, let us make the introduction!

Tax Implications

Make sure you speak to an accountant for more information on the best ways to minimize taxes and maximize your return. If you need a referral, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Determine Your Goals

Figure out what you want out of your real estate investment portfolio – here are 3 ways you can make money by investing in Toronto real estate:

  • Cash Flow – the difference between rent collected and expenses paid
  • Appreciation – increase in the value of the property over time
  • Equity – when a tenant pays down your mortgage, you are building up equity, the difference between the current fair market value of the property and the mortgage balance

Foreign Investor?

Are you interested in buying an investment or commercial property in Toronto and live abroad? We can help! Connect with Greg.

Need Tenants?

Connect with Greg – we have assisted many investors fill their vacancies for both investment and commercial properties.

Making the Numbers Work

Have questions about how to make the numbers work? Contact with Greg.

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