Monte Walls Burris

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Monte Walls Burris

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Tactful like a wrecking ball. He hates losing and lives for getting clients the best deal possible.


Good cooking, fine art, big red wines and hitting baseballs with his son.


Roncy, baby. The park, the lake, the beautiful homes, the boutique shopping—and all its secrets were revealed with the help of his trusty New Balance trainers.


The funny, opinionated, heart-melting things his daughter says.


For breakfast: apple pie à la mode and a cup of black coffee.


His daughter, usually way too early.


To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. – Mark Twain

In the words of Monte Burris’s grandpa, every day above ground is a good day.

Sorry, gramps, but a good day for Monte is a little more than that.

A designated luxury specialist who eats his real estate competition for breakfast, Monte sells houses after an average of 7.1 days on the market (that’s 364% faster than average) and at 105 percent of their list price. Clients count on his insightful, no-nonsense assessments, his protective attitude toward their money and the care he takes to prepare them for the day when he finally says “yes”—whether it’s to submitting or accepting an offer.

Monte started as an equity trader, became a paper millionaire during the dot-com boom and landed in technology sales after the bubble burst. But real estate is his true calling. It satisfies his need to work with people, his aesthetic sense (he has an art history degree) and his insatiable drive to win—plus it allows him to pick his kids up from school.

An urbanite to the core—he grew up in Vancouver and has lived in New York City and Boston—Monte is the Trust Realty Group neighbourhood specialist for High Park, Roncy and Bloor West Village. He learned his beat with his feet, running the streets of the west end of the city and studying its architecture, natural areas and unique commercial districts. When he first came to Toronto, he crashed at his girlfriend’s apartment at Queen and Bathurst. Once married, they moved to a semi with no parking in High Park. Today, he’s a proud resident of Roncesvalles, with two kids in what he considers one of the best neighbourhoods in the city.

Then there’s his baby—Trust Realty Group. As founder and owner, it’s Monte’s job to put together a dream team of specialists who not only maintain his high standards of quality but satisfy his uncompromising need to be the best.

Turns out that dream team is swiftly becoming a reality.

By the end of Trust Realty Group’s first year, the team of eight (five professional neighbourhood specialists and three support staff) had completed over $46 million in real estate transactions. By the end of 2016—year two of Monte’s ambitious young company—Trust Realty Group’s volume closing had grown by 95 percent, almost reaching the magical $100 million mark. Now a team of 13, the Trust Realty Group has a professional staging and event marketing company (Kanvas Promotions), a full-time digital marketing consultancy (Trust Marketing) and will soon be offering property management services.

Monte and Trust Realty Group are no strangers to the press. Monte is a weekly real estate expert on CTV’s National News and Trust Realty Group listings accounted for one in every five Toronto Life Homes of the Week in 2016. Trust Realty Group properties have starred in feature stories in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the MASH (a blog dedicated to Canadian real estate gossip).

Trust Realty Group won the 2015 Keller Williams Eagle Award for the highest standard of success and professional service in the industry. The team is currently ranked 17th by volume across Canada and Monte is a top 0.1 per cent producer nationally.

Grandpa would be proud.