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We believe that a focused, dedicated approach to a singular neighbourhood – a neighbourhood specialist approach, is the future of the real estate industry much the same way farming replaced hunting for our ancient ancestors

Our Neighbourhood Specialist Approach

TRG has turned the corner on this practice; much like our ancient ancestors did during the dawn of civilization. You can provide a higher quality of service, and your marketing will extend further with a deeper connection, your personality and brand will make you the rock star in your own community – business will come to you, it will build of itself and you can have as much success as you want all within your own neighbourhood.  Trust Realty Group has the formula, the systems, and the marketing plans to make this happen.

It’s About Your Brand

This is why it comes back to a name, it’s about you. Your name is the only name that should matter in your neighbourhood. Trust Realty Group is simply an assurance of quality, continuity that all our agents share in common.

Today, our team has 6 local area specialists all providing unsurpassed excellence and professionalism in real estate sales and consultation. These agents are supported by a dedicated team of four full time support staff who support our agents in administration, marketing, digital marketing, client communication and staging.

Together we are an unstoppable force, providing the best client care possible and unsurpassed creative marketing for our agents.

Our Advantage Works

It all starts with a very unique concept. Real estate agents have been acting like primordial cavemen; hunting and gathering their clients across broad swaths of land; leases in the core, listings in the suburbs, buyers across the entire city and beyond. Moving from one meal to another; burning fuel and building up mileage along the way. Tired and unsustainable, leading a moderately successful career but never really getting full leverage from their marketing, their signage, or their brand.

We are hiring!

Trust Realty Group is expanding. Our exciting dynamic and structure will help you handle your leads, build your personal brand in the area that you know and love. Apply today!



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South Etobicoke

The Kingsway

Condo Specialist

Leasing Specialist

Why Work With Us?

Trust Realty Group is not a typical team structure. We believe that every agent and the TRG management are business partners. A long-term partnership designed for mutual success. The goal for our agents in this partnership is to establish themselves as the “go to” agent in their respective community. The goal for TRG is the same but to be the most effective we must leverage our core expertise.

For you, that means networking in your community, selling and prospecting within your neighbourhood. For Trust Realty Group, we provide you the structure, the guidance, the marketing, and the systems to leverage every relationship you make to increase your sales and client retention. Every lease, purchase or sale you make can be built upon to continue your success and deepen your roots in the community.


  • Ongoing client communication through email, mail, and voice
  • Touchpoints for all active or passive sellers and buyers
  • Websites
  • Digital marketing and prospect generating
  • Print and direct mail marketing
  • Client events, over 6 per year
  • Seminars and learning sessions for clients and interested parties
  • Cross marketing partnerships with industry companies
  • Creative client gifts and giveaways at closing, holidays, etc.
  • Onscreen marketing at movies and community events
  • Kids sporting sponsorships (soccer, hockey, etc)
  • Community newsletters
  • Dedicated YouTube channels
  • Wholesale client discounts at industry-leading appliance companies

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