Trust Realty Group is Your One-Stop Solution for Maximizing Property Value Through Laneway Suites, Backyard Homes and ADUs.

Not only do we specialize in identifying the ideal properties for our clients, but we also ensure their investment flourishes by enhancing home value and providing full support, including tenant placement services.

Trust Realty Group harnesses the power of premier prefab builders, architects, and designers, tailoring backyard homes that align with our clients' distinct visions for their properties. Our focus is on enhancing real estate value, ensuring each project is a perfect fit for the homeowner's lifestyle and investment goals.

We offer concierge-level service from the project's start to its completion, managing every detail to ensure a smooth, stress-free process. This approach allows us to deliver customized backyard homes within just six months, streamlining the path to enhancing your property's potential.

Our commitment positions Trust Realty Group as a leading consultant in real estate innovation, providing clients with unique opportunities to maximize their property value and expand their living spaces through strategic backyard home solutions.

Transform Your Space

Trust Realty Group simplifies ADU addition in three key steps, making the journey straightforward and efficient for homeowners.


Evaluating your property's suitability for an ADU that aligns with your goals and local regulations


Guiding you through the complexities of local regulations and ensuring your ADU project adheres to all legal standards

Leasing & Management

Offering expert advice and services to strategically lease the new ADU, optimizing your investment and managing tenant relations efficiently.

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