Juliette Fergus

Danforth East Real Estate Specialist


Smart as a whip and empathetic beyond words.


Family, entertaining, film and live music—preferably combined!


All things Danforth—a multicultural melting pot of wonderful food, languages and beauty. Where else can you grab sushi for lunch, a Turkish coffee as a pick-me-up, and then have your choice of Greek, Ethiopian or Pakistani food for dinner?


Watching her daughter grow into a (sharply) opinionated young lady.


Hosting a GREAT kitchen party that people don’t want to leave.


The mischievous twinkle in her daughter’s eye. It’s either get up or worry that the house may burn down.


My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada. – Ellen DeGeneres


Juliette Fergus has a knack for reading people.

After all, it’s what endeared her to an old nonna years ago, while Juliette was working the take-out counter at a high-end pizzeria—and who’s going to argue with Nonna? “What makes you different is your sympatico,” Nonna told her. “You know what people are thinking before they do.”

Call it empathy. Or call it intuition. But it’s what makes Juliette a very successful real estate professional. She has insight into both people and process, using it to help buyers and sellers accomplish their individual goals. “A lot of agents talk about demographic trends,” Juliette says. “But what does Florence Smith need? That’s what matters to me.”

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and video editing, Juliette didn’t expect the numbers side of real estate to be her strength. But she’s discovered she’s a whiz at comparative market analyses, giving her clients accurate assessments of the value of a property—sometimes within a couple thousand dollars of actual selling price. “If you’re buying, you want to go in with a price that will win you the home you’ve got your heart set on,” Juliette says. “If you’re selling, you want the most money with the least disruption to your life.”

Juliette is Trust’s real estate specialist for Danforth East, a job she was born to do—quite literally—having grown up in the neighbourhood. Young Juliette spent Saturday mornings hunting yard sale bargains with her aunt. Sunday afternoons were reserved for open houses. And summertime was for playing hide-and-seek on the streets, sometimes after dark. Today, she shares her love of the neighbourhood with the 140-member walking group she started on Facebook and takes turns with other parents watching the local kids play outside so they can experience some of the freedom and mystery that she did growing up in the community.

Let Juliette show you her Toronto. Call, email, or simply show up at Celina’s Bakery at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning to walk the streets of Danforth East with Juliette as your guide. You might even catch a yard sale or two along the way.